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Ceramic fibre paper production line :

Ceramic fibre paper production line is similar to the equipment of the papermaking. Ceramic fibre paper is manufactured by technology of papermaking. That is to add some organic cement into the ceramic fibre cotton. Ceramic fibre paper has not only the characteristics of ordinary paper, but also it is a kind of thermal insulation material.

Technical process :

Main equipment:
1, beater
Make the Barrel, axis and knife for beat by Stainless steel, electromotor power is 15kw,the speed of beating axis is 200r/min,the Volume of the beating barrel is 3m3, We can add 30~45kg raw material each time.
The shaper :length is 6m,length of the gradient net is 4.5m, length of the plane net is 1.5m.
Support of the shaper is made by 14# channel steel .
Drive electromotor power is 7.5kw.
Acidproof rubber roller.( stainless steel)
The system of moves installs, the stretching device, net change, wet side scraper, water needle.
3, Sizing machine
The length of the machine is 3m, plane net
14# channel steel support
Drive electromotor power is 5.5kw
The system of moves installs, the stretching device and net change .
4, Drying machine
Length : 27m, Effective drying length is 25m,thickness is 150mm
The power of drive electromotor is 7.5kw.
Drying machine is divided into five warm areas
Two 9-35-6.3C11kw blasting machines
4-72-3.6C preheating blasting machine
4-72-3.6C eliminates wet blasting machine
The stainless steel valve, P63.5 chain, stainless steel net, ten observations gates, eight checking warm spots.
5,volume machine
The volume max diameter is 1050mm,volume max breadth is 1400mm.It is equipped with adjusting roller. The part touch with paper is stainless steel roller which is adjustable and equipped with two volume axes.
6, Control cabinet
It includes in pulp cabinet, stores pulp cabinet, forming cabinet, sizing cabinet, temperature control cabinet, roll cabinet(There are spare circuit and three-phase power in every cabinet)

Technical specification:
Breadth : 1200mm Thickness : 0.5~15mm,
Density : 140kg/m3 Productivity : 200~400 tons per year.


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