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Ceramic fibre blanket

Ceramic fibre blanket is endowed with characteristics of light quality, good and tenacity high tensile strength. It is applied widely inmanufacturing fire proof roller shutter, kiln stove interior surface material, and ceramic basketwork.

Technical process :

Mainly equipment:
1. Melting system
The main equipment of Melting system is resistance furnace .The principle is to melt the coal gangue with strong electricity produced by three electrodes. The furnace is made of steel.
2. The swing system
The swing machine is three-rollers centrifuger. The principle is to break melted coal gangue up with high speed rollers, and to form fibre by swing.
3. The fibre collection machine
The fibre collection machine is the equipment to collect cotton .It is composed by steel framework net-band transport system, negative press system, drive system and so on. Fibre should fall on the net-band evenly because of negative press system. Original blanket is formed by the collect fibre machine and transported out.
4. The double sides needling machine
Raw blanket from the fibre collection machine will then be needled both sides by the double needling machine to strengthen its tenacity.
5. Heating furnace
Heating furnace is the equipment for finalizing the design by heating. The transport roller is made of stainless steel.


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