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Ceramic fibre summary :
Ceramic fibre is a kind of new inorganic and adiabatic material .It has advantages of light weight , small thermal capacity ,fine insulative and adiabatic characteristic, steady chemical performance ,resistant to corrosion and oxidation , and innocuity etc .
By taking ceramic fibre as raw material, the ceramic fibre texitile products produced by special weaving technic and equipment are provided not only with excellent performances, but also with characteristics of high tensile strength, steady dimention, anti-shake and dent resistance under high temperature, etc.It is quite easy to use. It can be widely used in manufacturing materials of fire proofing, heat insulation and preservation, high temperature filtration, and air proofing used in industries of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power station, machinery, shipbuilding, aviation and auto mobile by way of sticking, filling, wrapping and riveting.
The composing of the ceramic fibre:
Ceramic fibre is mainly composed by chemical elements of Al2O3,SiO2,ZrO2,Cr2O3,Fe2O3,Na2O,K2O,TiO2,CaO,MgO etc. Among them, high temperature oxides of Al2O3,SiO2,ZrO2,Cr2O3 are main elements which determine its fire-resistant performance. And elements of Fe2O3,Na2O,K2O,TiO2,CaO,MgO are harmful impurity which should be very carefully controlled by their content.


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